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Content & Collab Guide To Bali

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The Guide

Everything you need to know about Bali


TO SHOOT, RECORD, DRONE, create epic content


Build a bigger, better, audience

You're coming to Bali to indulge, eat delicious food, soak up the sun and CREATE.

Hi, I'm Andrew. I've spent the majority of the last 4 years here in Bali. I work with Influencers and I'm here to SAVE YOU HOURS of planning and pitching!

Reach out with CONFIDENCE. Among the thousands of hotels in Bali, we've found which hotels WANT to work with creators. And what exactly they want.

The guide breaks Bali down for influencers like you, so you can SAVE TIME and pitch where you know it's going to land. In fact we recommend you mention you got your info from the guide!

Inside The Guide

100 of the Best Spots

You'll get the biggest bang for your buck once you know where you want to go.

In this guide you get the most popular places and the hidden gems that will make you look like an expert.

Over 100 locations cataloged and described for you, a creator. Not a tourist.

If you want beaches, I tell you exactly where you can be within 20 minutes drive of 8 beaches.

if you want the cutest cafesimaginable, I tell you the two cities you need to go....

Restaurants with more than just a single wall to sit in front.Culturally significant temples, and activities.Every single Instagrammable waterfall, beach, and temple.Everything on this island that nature has to offer you.


When you think of hashtags, you might be thinking this will be a copy-able list of hashtags. It's not just that.

You'll find a hand-curated list of accounts that regularly feature photos from Bali and they are looking for more.

These accounts get you in front of an audience of thousands that wants to devour what you create.

You even get to read how @RicGM went from 30k followers to 60k in 3 days, Because of one Instagram video, he made in Bali.

I've made sure that every account features photos from Bali. There's something here for every creator.

Travel BloggersFashion ModelsPhotographersFoodiesMale ModelsStylistsAthletesHotel Bloggers
Your competitors are coming to Bali. Can you afford not to get this guide?

two men

Who Has Gone to Bali?

You'd be surprised to find out that some of the biggest stars in the online world have gone to Bali. And lived to tell the tale.

Jack Morris of @DoYouTravelBria @thepintsizedtravelerChristina, @jetsetchristinaSam Kolder, @koldChristian LeBlanc, @LostLeBlanc
Even PewDiePie has honeymooned in Bali.


I've included, for you, over 100 hotel contacts.

Not only do I tell you who to contact, but also how best to reach out and even when. Seriously. I've done a lot of outreach on my own to make sure this is absolutely useable for you from the moment it's in your downloads folder.

If you've planned your trip for low season great. High Season? It can still help you.

Also, if you don't know when is low and high season in Bali. I tell you in the guide.